Lilly Loves Summer

Summer is here in full force and I’m loving every second of it! I also love finding outfits that are light and fun and great for both work and play. 

Top: Lilly Pulitzer / / Bottoms: Boscov’s / / Shoes: Walmart

I’m usually iffy when matching a top and bottom too closely, but this is a fun combo I couldn’t resist. 

This top also has a unique back that adds some fun and interest. 

Pair it with some fun sunnies and you have a great post work look. Take it to a dinner outside or a happy hour. 

Getting Nauti

The weather is finally starting to turn around which means shorts and dresses are here!! It’s no secret I have a bit of a nautical obsession and today I’m letting my sailor flag fly.


I absolutely love summer scarves to accessorize a fairly simple outfit




What’s your obsession? Tell me what you love to wrap yourself in!!

Bringing it Back to Basics

Have I mentioned how much I love basics? Okay maybe a time or two. But for real, they’re the perfect way to build an effortless outfit for a low cost.


Top: Wal-Mart  //  Necklace: Charlotte Russe  //  Jeans: Aeropostale (super old, obviously)

You can build the perfect outfit with just a t-shirt and jeans.  Dress it up using a statement piece, and find ways to mix unexpected color combos like lilac and electric peach. Plain t-shirts are all over and you can score a variety of colors for super cheap. This one was only $5  at Wal-Mart, so don’t be afraid to stock up!


I love to transition from boots to boat shoe, they’re the perfect fit for under a pair of flared jeans.  Small flares are a great way to compliment your shape, and boat shoes leave you looking a little more dressed than sneakers. Opt for a longer jean if you’re like me and love to wear socks with boat shoes when the temps are still a bit chilly.


There’s a lot you can do with a simple look. Add a white blazer for work or a dressier feel. Rock a fun colored scarf if it’s a chilly day. Compliment your waist with a fun belt. Add heels. You can do ANYTHING when you’re playing with the basics!! What are your favorite basic pieces? Do you have a fun combo that gets tons of compliments? Let me know! 

That's All, Folks!




Lilly Lover

Who dialed up the weather? It’s so awesome to be seeing peeks of spring! But how do you dress for 70 degrees while not jumping the summer gun?


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer / / Boots: Forever 21

Lilly is always appropriate, no matter the season. I love this shift because it’s made of a heavier material great for cooler temps.


Lilly is by far my favorite splurge item. Sometimes you just have to spend a chunk of change on something your heart wants.


What are you rocking this spring? Do you love sweaters and skirts or tanks and jeans? Drop a line or ask for a feature!


Cute N Comfy

Now that we’re hunkering down into winter (ish) some days even I have to admit it’s hard to want to look cute. So who says looking cute has to be a ton of effort?


Leggings: Walmart // Boots & Hat: Forever 21

When you feel like curling up under a blanket and hiding for the day there’s no better go-to than leggings and a comfy shirt.


It’s super easy to style with a few accessories and takes your look from messy to casual. The number 1 rule is always pick one and only one messy piece. Pick an oversized shirt with slimming leggings, casual makeup and polished hair. Or a favorite go to hoodie with boots and cute jeans. Opt for a messy bun and a comfy jersey dress. Just keep it to one piece to achieve the effortless look instead of the hobo style.


What is your favorite comfy piece? Let me hear what you have going on while the snow is falling!


Springing Into December

Who would have thought we would be spending our Christmas in spring weather? Where are the chunky sweaters and cozy snowy night? Sooo…with all of this warm weather how do you dress seasonally appropriate without dying of heat stroke? I like wintry boots, light shirts, and decorative scarves!


Top: Faded Glory, Walmart  //  Jeans: No Boundaries, Walmart  //  Scarf: Calvin Klein

Outfits like these are super easy to pull off for a low price. Tops, jeans, scarves and even boots can be found at places like Walmart for a very low price. There’s no need to pull up a hefty tab for basics, so don’t be too quick to pull a $50 shirt from J. Crew when you could have the same for $5.


Shoes: Just Fab

I’ve been super obsessed with this outfit lately. It’s not too dressy but not overly casual & can be warn from work to an event or dinner after.  Maroon has this cool effect of looking “warm” or perfect for winter, but if you wear it in a light fabric you can save yourself from heat stroke. And yes, sometimes it’s okay to combine black and brown!



Here’s to hoping your winter stays  warm!

That's All, Folks!

Fall Basics = Love

Who turned on winter? Seriously it’s freezing & my office temperature inside matches what it’s feeling outside…sometimes even colder. Brr. I love stacking basics & accessories for fall and winter. It’s the perfect way to layer & stay warm even when your hands feel like they’re about to fall off.


Top: Faded Glory, Walmart // Scarf: Modela, Boscovs // Jeans: Celebrity Pink, Boscovs // Boots: Mootsies Tootsies


My favorite fall tip is to layer up! Unlike the winter, the days peak temperature can still get pretty warm, which can make a commute home feel stuffy and leave you over heated. During the fall it’s easy to layer basic tops with plain sweaters & can be done without breaking the bank. You can find basic long sleeve tops like this at Walmart for less than $7, jeans are always going on sale & easy to spot in clearance racks (I refuse to ever pay more than $15 per pair), and you can pick up scarves for as low as $1 (the one I’m wearing I believe ran around $3).


Adding a cardigan to a long sleeve will keep you perfectly warm all day. I love that this one happens to match my boots & highlights in the scarf. It’s the little things that make you feel like you have your life together some days, right? 

That's All, Folks!